Plague inc.


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Plague inc. A strategy gane that has made its way up the top lists fast both in IOS and Android. Plague inc. Is a game in which the goal is to kill everyone on Earth with your disease . Follow this guide to unlock every stage in the game.

1.bacteria normal-brutal
So you’ve installed plague inc. And started playing and have lost your first few games? This is normal.not because you’re a bad gamer but because you don’t know how to play…yet.

First things first. After choosing a cool name for your disease.  You get to choose where to start it.Choose China. After  a few minutes you’ll see the densely populated country starts getting infected. In about a minute or so you will reach at least 100 infected people .With the DNA points you’ve got upgrade your transmission.Upgrade :
air 1
Water 1
Air 2
Water 2

The order isn’t important but make sure you’ve got them all. After these upgrades you’ll see China geting red. If your disease decides to mutate and gain some symptoms. Eleminate them all but coughing. With your new DNA points you will upgrade your disease. Only bacterial resilience and drug immunity should be upgraded.

Hopefully by now your disease has spread to Kazakistan,Russia and India. Also another reason we chose China is that it has flights to Australia, United States,Saudi Arabia and UK . It also has ships going to new zealand,Philippines and Indonesia. In a short time you will see your map is getting redder each second .

Depending on the situation upgrade the following.If the african countries aren’t affected upgrade blood 1 and blood 2 .If north american countries and most Europe aren’t infected upgrade rodent 1 and 2.Do NOT use up all your DNA points! You will need them later.  After waiting for the whole world to get infected. You will receive the notification that there aren’t any healthy people on Earth. The moment you get this message unleash hell. I prefer to upgrade cough+pneumonia+pulmonary fibrosis+total organ failure+coma.With this combo Earths population will rapidly decrease. If you happen to get 20-30 extra DNA points make sure you save them.Once the world is dieing countries will do whatever it takes to stop you. This means they will close sea ports,air ports and land routes to other countries and of course they will work on a cure. When the cure reaches 25% use genetic hardening this will make them slow down. Use the next genetic hardening at 50 and the other at 60%. Hopefully they won’t reach 60%

Victory!Congratulations ! You have eleminated all life on earth.



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